In year 2014 I started to work as music teacher in Bohuslav Martinů´s12016469_1215566471803297_1186477149_n (1) music school in Havířov. Here I teach recordes, clarinet, bassoon and alson pop/classical singing. I derive from pedagogic experiences of my bassoon teachers – Mgr. Evald Bartusek (CZE), Doc. Mgr Zdeněk Fintes (CZE), Doc. Luc Loubry (BE), Doc. Mgr. art. Roman Mešina, ArtD. (SK).

A point of that I´m orchestra player I try to show a world of symphonic orchestra to my children. In year 2015 invited to cooperation choir Meandry from our music school during summer film concert of Moravian-Silesian Sinfonietta. Children got a possibility to sing with 150 memeber of this music ensemble and sing a open air concert of  popular melodies.

As far as singing I met many singers and from each other I learned something. I continue in their philosophy to motivate students to get a love to arts, because making of arts is a great gift.

My singing experieces I appreciate for example during my stay in choirs like are KOMORAczech, Pěvecký sbor Janáčkovy konzervatoře, Svatomichaelský smíšený pěvecký sbor, Operní sbor Národního divadla moravskoslezského etc.